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Draw with Žilina? We are happy, Rostov will be quite different, Kadlec said

They led 1: 0, but the generals did not reach the winning end. Spartan football players drew with Zilina 1: 1, but the players were optimistic. “We can be happy with the game. Zilina has been sympathetic, but Rostov is

The Boleslav fans fired from Poletin: They did not understand me at all

Before the start of the playoff playoff he wished Skater to be an opponent. Chomutov’s striker Michal Poletín was relieved to find that he did not have to play against Pilsen. “Uff, we’re glad to play against Bolce,” he sighed

Nymburk in the Champions League ends. The procedure escaped him a single point

Basketball players Nymburk did not take a chance and in the Champions League finished in the playoff front. In a home defeat, against Sassari, they scrawled 22 points from the first duel in Italy and led by 31 points, but

Big confession of the owner of Baník Brabec: I am a fan who wants to help

The owner of Baník is thirteen months old. When he bought it last January from Petar Šafarčík’s previous owner, the club was doomed to the second league and de facto to ruin. The fall of a competition that Václav Brabec

Vrba Спарте? Эксперимент не работает, тренер может обсудить уснувшую команду

Я иду против течения – по крайней мере, думать о Павел Врба имеет Летне. Несмотря на попытки Евро идет еще качественный тренер, который выиграл титулы дважды вышел в Лигу чемпионов и доминировал европейскую квалификацию. Такая карта не биография в Чехии

Safarova clearly played Nara, Rosol in Paris third

Two rounds, two different experiences. In the first, Safarova invited her friend Anastasia Pavljučenkova, and on the other hand, she came up against the unknown Japanese Nara, who she has never been hungry with. Nara started to look decent, the