A future group? It’s not strong. She is terrible, says Bokros

BRATISLAVA.The result of Slovak hockey players in junior MS in Finland is a reflection of reality. Coach Ernest Bokros, who, after returning from Helsinki, thinks that he is not pleased with the composition of the competitive team of the absolute world leader.

This is why he was missing a personality at the past world forum, such as Martin Réway’s last bronze championship.

The Slovak junior team landed at Schwechate just before the tenth and, after an hour’s bus journey, arrived at the headquarters of the Slovak Ice Hockey Association.

From Helsinki, only Captain Christiano Jaros, who remained for club duties in Sweden and for family reasons, left Kristián Pospíšil.

Bokroš considers Bokros to be the seventh place behind the reflection of Slovak hockey.

“All of us are the world’s top, with our opponents playing a balanced game.The last four teams presented the hockey from another galaxy in the final phase. We know our problems in Slovakia, but this way I would like to thank the implementation team and the players for this placement, “he said after returning.

The next future of the experienced helmsman in junior representation should be confirmed by the SZHH Executive Committee. However, with his / her position happy and he would like to continue to do so. / / Posted by Slovak Ice Hockey Federation on Monday, December 28, 2015

“I still have a contract with the union and it is open. If both parties are satisfied, we can proceed further. Even the representatives of the union have to say that they regard my work as well as the whole implementation team as satisfactory. This robot fills me, I enjoy it.Maybe somebody said that I have been in this position for a long time, but I will say openly, in my years I have gained additional experience after these world championships, which you will not learn anywhere else, “he said. Year coach has stayed in his job, during the next season he is facing a particularly challenging task. During the summer, he has to make up the skeleton of the team who will compete in Canada’s next B-group in Canada, the United States, Russia and A novice from Latvia.

“It’s not a strong band, but a terrible one. The only opponent for us is the Latvians. But today I know they have a strong year. They have four players on the Drafte, a great goalkeeper.It is clear that the next championship will be very difficult to succeed. “

During his years of work with the Slovak junior squad, Ernest Bokroš has gained a lot of knowledge.

With his choice, he has often competed with the world top, He was tortured or even overtaken, which was also underlined by the “bronze” MS 2015.

After the Finnish adventure, he especially regrets the fact that Slovak youth hockey does not have a big enough base to compete with the best.

Here’s the new #WorldJuniors champion: Finland!Congrats Suomi! Game story: http://www.worldjunior2016.com/en/games/2016-01-05/RUS-vs-FIN/#recapPhoto: Andre Ringuette / HHOF-IIHF Images Posted by International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF ) On Tuesday, January 5, 2016

“My rivals draw on a huge base, they have a lot of talents, different players. Seven or eight Réway fans, the Swedes or the Finns had three paces and it was totally one that went on ice, and everyone knew how to make a decision, but we had a big problem getting one strike, “added Bokros, who after the championship will replace the junior team for work at A-team.

“I’ll get some jobs from the union.I also associate with Mr Cíger and the general manager, Mr Švehl, and they will definitely entrust me with other duties. “