Alonso went into criticism of F1 chiefs. You made it out of our sport!

Why does Formula 1 betting account offers lose fans? Why, according to some viewers, the curling or billiard is surpassing the attraction? Why does Formula One best betting site offers begin to be a sport fan of bizarre, based only on memories of past times? Alonso is clear.

His criticism began because of the penalty he got at the final race of the season. In the crash after the start, Felipe Nasr fired with Sauber, Alonso was dragged into the Lotus by Pastor Maldonado in an uncontrollable monopost. The one with the damaged car resigned, Fernando Alonso received penalization through boxes and two penalties on the race license. According to him, the decision of the sports commissioners led by former F1 rider Derek Warwick is laughing.

“Today I got the boxes for passing another car.That’s kind of weird, I’d say it’s unique. Let the FIA ​​look at other categories like MotoGP or endurance racing. How successful they are to go up. You do not see such inconsistent sentences there, “the double world champion was angry.

Maldonado, who himself was a Maldonado himself, named an accident at a Grand Prix accident and joked amusedly at Alons’ account. The Spaniard was also very upset. “The FIA ​​should use some sense and common sense in its decisions. Due to the sound of our current engines, there are fewer and fewer audiences around the tracks. Because of the strategic moves that we do not even understand, people are down on television. “Alonso at the end of the race was fighting for a seventeenth Manor wagon repair and punishment.His McLaren, with the new parts he brought to Abu Dhabi, was not slow. It also confirmed eight rounds before the third fastest lap of the race. But due to a number of constraints, viewers in Formula 1 rarely see the riders go full.

“We’ve lost two bikes for the best and have to keep saving tires, saving gasoline, saving a bunch of other things. That’s why I told the boys to enjoy some fun and step on it. When I get the gas, it’s okay, but maybe to get to the finish can not be a priority when you’re eighteenth. “

Alonso is known for often saying everything to his full kiss and sometimes moving a bit behind edge. But is not it right in this case?Should not Formula One from Green Car Monopoos return to the best racing machines in the world?

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