Americans about our hockey players: You will not get the medal from the Olympics

BRATISLAVA – Great names in front and then nothing.

The server currently teaches the snapshots of the strongest hockey teams at the Sochi Olympics.Our team, which will probably be our best NHL hockey players – Marián Hoss, Marián Gáborík and especially Zdeno Chara, will probably be able to get back to this.

” It’s a real leader, a big man on a blue line An advantage that no other team has, “ is rated by commentators from Zdena Chara.As a serious thinker, three journalists from the NHL are proposing to our team the trio Halák – Budaj – Janus. “Halak has managed in the last few years to warm up and drag the team like in Montreal,” praises the Slovak unit from the last Vancouver Olympics, where ours

However, in the three nominated nominations, only a relatively small overview of Slovak players outside the NHL showed. One of the American journalists is counting on the nomination of Zigmond Pálffy, the two “nominated” Ľubomír Višňovský, who will probably not be represented.But reasonably, they also focused on the younger generation of attackers: Tomáš Tatar and Richard Pánik appeared in the tips of all three.

“I do not think they are a medal team, but they will know how to bother anyone . And maybe somebody will be kicked off who will be grinding his teeth for medals, “ said the newsman at the end.

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