Big confession of the owner of Baník Brabec: I am a fan who wants to help

The owner of Baník is thirteen months old. When he bought it last January from Petar Šafarčík’s previous owner, the club was doomed to the second league and de facto to ruin. The fall of a competition that Václav Brabec had not been able to avert, the economic decline did not. Baník changed course and dere is slowly up, this weekend for him begins the spring season. Despite the fact that Brabec entered the Czech football as a full amateur. Nowadays he knows what it is like to run a big domestic football club.Many are different than you think.

How did you yourself initially represent Baník’s owner? Let’s say Roman Abramovich from Ostrava, who will especially enjoy the adrenaline game and, with the exception of those really crucial decisions, will entrust the club agenda to the hands of his people?
“I had some ideas. And now I can admit that I was very wrong. Not that I think I’m just going to enjoy football, cheer and work to do. With this idea I did not buy Banik in any way. Baník was not in the condition that Chelsea was when Abramovich came in. “

Yes, a difference could be traced…
” there was.I imagined it roughly so that I might come from Kromeriz once a week to Ostrava to do things I need to solve personally. And once a week I go to Ostrava, or somewhere out, to the game. That’s what I painted so easily. “

What’s the most?
” Every day I wonder why I’m getting up at six or seven o’clock and I’m going to Ostrava. Especially when the weather is the same as this winter. Instead of sleeping well, he went to the office, he had a good lunch. Instead, I have a working breakfast, a working lunch, a working dinner, and I’m still dealing with Baník all the time. “

Is it exhausted?
” Yes. Time and it takes energy too. But I enjoy it. And it fills.So much! And that’s actually the answer to why I’m doing it, and why do I get up every morning and go to Ostrava? “

Have you ever wondered if you bought Baník?
“No. Never. “

A certain hint of something like this could be sensed by Baník and Opava’s match, during which Ostrava fans were on the pitch. It was a great surprise for you…
“Then I found my time for myself to think about whether my work is meaningful.”

And what conclusion do you have “
” In spite of the initial disappointment, I decided a few days ago that it was just a certain excess. One-off, which should not be repeated.He really did not, because if it were to be a more frequent phenomenon, I certainly would not want to devote my energy to dealing with these fans with the fans and the disciplinary committee. Baník would stop me not only having fun, but also fulfilling. Fans are what Baník Baník does for me. I feel like one of them. “

What does your normal working day look like?
” Since I am already a fan of Baník, which has been given to the club in his difficult situation, An older bit, I do not sleep as much as I was sleeping. I’ll be early. I usually get up around the seventh, sometimes before.And for most of the week I sit in the car and drive to Ostrava, where a lot of meetings and meetings await me every day. “

I want to know about everything that is going on in the club

Do you want to know what’s happening in Baník?
“Yes, that’s the exact question. All about everything. Even though he’s getting used to sitting down in Baník and everyone here has some responsibility, I can not get rid of my responsibility. So yes, I’m interested in everything that’s going on here. I know it’s a bad thing that I should be able to fully rely on my people and possibly evaluate the results of their work. Well, or worse, just by merit. It’s so absorbed and so much fun that I can not do it so far. “

Will Banik out of your dream?
” Not that he would have woken but sometimes I sleep worse.And when I’m not sleeping, I’m thinking about Baník. Sometimes it is a pleasant thinking, sometimes the thoughts are not so optimistic. But that’s all you do. “

How do you try to defeat the league?
” There was only one. I did not take last spring, we just played the season that we knew would end with descent. This season, when it’s a lot, we lost only in Třinec. And I have not chewed it yet. But just a week later, we played with Olomouc and we won, there I forgot Třinec for a while. But when I remember, it still blows in me. Do not be surprised, I’m going to do it. “

Are you screaming on the court if Baník gives you a goal?
” Of course. And not only when Banik gives a goal.The delegate had already been cursed by me because I felt a wrong on the pitch. When I see it was a foul, and the referee does not spill, they can almost take me away. I’m like that. When I play volleyball, the ball falls into the car and somebody tells me it was a raid, I guess. And sometimes hard. I swear to where it was in the car, and it’s hard to convince me. Even though I already know, and when five of them tell me that it really fell on the track, I’ll understand later that they probably had the truth. I do not admit it in the dressing room. But when I wake up at night, I’m going to tell them the truth, and I’ll admit I’m probably stupid. Obvious I can not be.I cheer my people and Baník Ostrava, these are my people and I will always advocate them. “

What would you do if you were not the owner of Baník Ostrava?
” I can not even imagine today. The one year I was in Baník was the most hectic in my life. When some personal events are over. When I get the situation in my imagination, I feel like I can not even do it. “

What would you do?
” I think I would be more dedicated to myself and my family. Sport, perhaps to my business, which I am a little neglected now because I do not have time. I would probably work on a trade that probably would not have fulfilled my life as it is now Baník.But most of all I did not have time to think about the question you put in that year. “

You entered the football environment as a complete amateur. Beginner who could not understand a number of things…
“It took me a lot of time and energy. I had to learn a lot. The environment of top football is a completely different world than the world of ordinary business. Football has its own legislation and its bodies, in the football of many things the FACR decides not the court. In addition, it was extremely difficult to fully understand how Baník really is. Because I came to see that Baník was a club that did not own anything at all. Just that name, which was overwhelmed. A lot of energy has taken me to the disputes that have been ruled against Baník.And some of them are still, even though a substantial part of them has been solved. “

Which one is not yet?
” For example, a long-standing dispute between Mr Sverkoš and Mr Peter, Which Baník is a guarantor. Unfortunately, this case is not yet closed. And it may take a few more years if both parties do not agree. “

And other disputes?
” Even you started with past owners. For example, Stronati and Pavlenko with Hlucin. Or the dispute between Mr Trucha and Baník. “

Are you dealing with Banik and on vacation?
” Of course. I’m constantly watching your iSport on your mobile, all the transfers that are happening to us. Everyday I call Sport Director Dušan Vrťa to know what’s new and to be involved in the process.I just love it. If we buy a player, sell a player, we’ll give him a guest. Those are the emotions. Courts and communal politics, of which we certainly can not do it, I do not like that much. “

Can you estimate the value of the player after the year you spent in Baník and in football? Br /> “That’s what I advise. I have here sports directors Vrťa, trainer Petrzel, Mr. Wolf, Mašlej and other people who understand better. I’m learning from them and I’m starting to get into it, but to deal with them, people who do it all my life and successfully, of course I can not. “

Have you ever had a knack in the past year Some of my choices?
“I definitely mistaken and disappointed in some people.I would not like to specify in which. “

People in the Ostrava environment
” Yes. Whether political or football. Some people, however, surprised me pleasantly. One of them is Matouš Hába, who was very controversial due to the connection with the previous club leadership. The fans flashed openly against him. And today I have to say that without his commitment to Baník and without his knowledge of the context of historical accounts and some legal relations, I would be very hard at work in Baník. “

Controversial person is also Lubomír Puček…
“We work with him externally. I take advantage of his experience and very good contacts with the soccer association, where I always consider myself a newcomer.When I need to do anything, I turn to him. “

Relationship with Parsley is still developing

What is your relationship with Vlastimil Petržel? He told you how he was somewhat surprised when you got into Baník by telling him at the first meeting that you did not choose him to Ostrava.
“Yes, that’s what happened. We met for the first time in Kroměříž, and Mr. Petrzela was right to tell him that I did not choose him for Baník, it was the activity of the previous owner. And that’s why I do not know what and how to go now. That the post of coach is one of the most important and I am forced to decide very quickly. “

How did your relationship evolve?
” He has developed and is still developing. For the better, at least from my side.But the beginnings were wild. It was also given by the time we both came to Baník. At that time I was familiar with everything. And he did not quite understand the situation that Baník was. We stood at the very beginning. He complained that nothing works here. That there is a mess here that he has never experienced this. And that nobody is doing nothing here. At that time I was sorry because Mr. Petrzela had to know that I came to Baník at the beginning of last year alone. And that Baník, to which I started, was a club in which almost nothing worked. When I get over it, at first we were in Baník, he and me. Mr. Vrťo was the sports director only in July. “

How did you suffer from Petržel’s criticism?
” I was bad. And because he said it to the media.You understand, I went to court, after a football association, straightened relations with the town hall, the county, the fans and the former players. And while I read in the paper, Mr. Petrzela says that nothing works in Baník. “

Which was true, of course.
” Yes, it was. But we had the laundry to wash together at home. But in the meantime, I was convinced that he was a true football expert. He can quickly find out if he or she does not. In this area, I believe him as a little different. “

And how did you sit human?
” During this year’s joint work I had the opportunity to get to know him more closely. And that, we think, has brought us closer together. Definitely yes, if I speak for myself.And sincerely, I say I’m glad to have him at Baník. “

Given the situation in which Baník and his cadre found himself before the start of the season, I take second place after the autumn as a surprise . You too?
“I have forgotten some of the pre-season expectations. I’m a man who literally runs through life and wants to win. And when we entered the season well, we won and were the first, I take today as a certain disappointment that Baník is not the head of Olomouc’s table. “

How much did you run Baník since you were Has become its owner?
“Tens of millions of crowns.I had to pay inherited debts, disputes, some fines, running the club, players’ salaries, and buying new players because the cadres needed to be immediately improved. “

Budget for the first-season season? About a hundred million

Do you have an idea of ​​what financial injection would you want Banik to support next season if you return to the first league?
” If Baník would make money. I emphasize that Baník would make money, not me. To have funds for building training centers, buying young talents, and so on. That would be ideal. But we will not get it soon enough.So I will answer your question: so far, I have the idea that Banja’s budget for the first-season season would be around a hundred million crowns. “

And how much money do you want to give Baník
“How many will be missing in those hundred million crowns.”

What is your wife saying? Even for her, it had to be a big change when you bought Banik last year. What does she say when you come home and tell her you’ve just bought a player for ten million crowns? Do not you think it might be a luxury vacation with a luxury car?
“I do not say at home. (Laughs) No, I’ll answer you seriously. Do you know what I think? That my family is happy. So I think about my entry to Baník. A woman and two daughters feel that I have found true fulfillment. The new impulse of your life.So they take it. “

Does the Banik family live with you?
” The older daughter is all over the place. I would even say that she is more in the picture than me, because she saw all the Banky games unlike me. “

Does the daughter go to the boiler?
” Me, yes. Maybe she was in Bohemia. And the cops then, with the whole boiler, took the machine guns in their hand to the station to board the train. She had to explain to them that she was studying in Prague and that she did not want to go anywhere. So you let her down. “

Are not you afraid of her?
” She is reasonable and mature, she’s twenty-four. And then, she’s the aura, like Banio’s fans are bad, and so it’s just not like that. I perceive them very carefully, and far from it is what they say or write.The media is incredibly exaggerated by this. I have fifty-year-old guys around me who tell me they’d go to Banik too. And they ask me if something happens to them. Everyone who goes to Banik knows that this is a completely absurd fear. Even my wife, who was initially too worried, is going to Banik today and does not even think it should happen to her. “

Who experienced a battle between fans and the police during the match between Baník and Sparta Three years ago at Bazala, would probably oppose you.
“I’m in Baník for one year, and during that year only a few fans in a match with Opava ran on the lawn. This is the experience that I am relying on. “

Are you going to the exit?
” Of course. Why would I do it differently?In order to sit in the office and solve some problems, so I did not enter Baník. “

How did your position in the extra-soccer business affect the fact that you are the owner of Baník Ostrava?
” All the meetings and not only in Hranice, Because I have more of these companies, now they start with football. Guys are just interested in football and my companions are no exception. So you must first discuss what’s new in Baník and in football. Some are amazed when I tell them how it is in the soccer environment. “

What are they amazed about?
” From the same thing I was At the beginning of me. That the environment is very animous. That the disputes are decided by the association, not the court.The Disciplinary Commission will decide on the fine and you will not do anything at all. And other, often behind-the-scenes things I do not want to talk about publicly. “

” I have to be careful, All I say is that the football environment is more competitive than in a normal business. Too much. It works in the business that I agree and respect it. Here the clubs take each other’s players, they act together somehow…Well, I say, they just compete more. And not only clubs, but also agents and players’ representatives.It’s a world that has its own and often incomprehensible rules. “

Does the law of a stronger dog apply

Have you learned to accept or use such tools? / strong>

“I understand that if I have to get used to the richer clubs and the promising players like Telnar taking us to Slavia, so will I come to the weaker club and their promising players I will take. If I just look at how Sparta comes, Slavia will come and the talented boy will take me through the agent, so I will have nothing in here for a while. This is the law of the stronger dog here. Either we will learn and we will work like everyone else, or we will cease. “

Do you have a personal plan to do with Banik once?If you sell it, or will your children inherit it or anything else?
“I’m not that far in my thinking. I certainly did not do business with Baník. That I bought him, something he had invested in, and then he sold it, so I never thought. I bought Banik to help him. I feel like my mission. I do not know how time-bound. It will depend on how long I am going to have fun and how it will serve my health. But until now, when I say that it is enough, it will happen as if you were to sell Banik or when and how to do it, I do not even think. “

Did he want Banik to look at that moment?
“I want him to win the Champions League. Understand when I tell you I want to win the league, you will ask me if I want more.Of course I would. Achieve the maximum possible. But I understand what you’re asking. I want to build Banik to have his own youth academy. At a really high level. In order to have all the training facilities and to be the desire of every guy not only in the Ostrava region, but in a substantially wider region to get to Baník. And that should be the result that Baník will become a club that will play continuously for the top divisions of the Czech league and European cups. “

You know that you are very rich. Fans, although your actions in the club are obviously booming, may have expected more massive investment in buying reinforcements and possibly their salaries. Do you perceive this?
“The word ‘very’ would cut you off on that question. It is important to perceive reality.Yes, I might be able to raise much higher amounts, overpay players, give them a much higher payout and get them for Baník. But first, I would not like that. And second, and this is essential, it does not work like this. “

What do you have a vision for?
” I want to invest in the expansion of the club infrastructure. Ensure the club a true future. To buy players and give them really high salaries just because I can afford it, it would be easy and against Baník in the long run irresponsible. Look at Slavia. What would happen if the Chinese left it? Who would fund it? Who would pay players the above-standard contracts? The same could happen in Baník if we consider short-sightedness.I buy a player in Baník, give them fairy tales, then I’m going home from Ostrava home, something going on and going with Baník? He gets into a disaster because he will be forced to fulfill obligations that he does not have. “

Has he been a genuine mink for the year you owned the Ostrava club? Maybe one who hates Opava, the biggest rival of Baník?
“I’ve been fanning Baník ever since my childhood, but I would have given such sport hatred to active fans. She certainly has some historical background why she is. And you barely understand it just because you are the owner of Baník. But I had to laugh some time ago when we played in Karvina a preparatory match with Górnik Zabrze. There were even fans despite the big frost, and they guessed Baník.Some more, others less. But when the choral began to sing, you know who, he is a bit vulgar. (“Jebat Opava”), so everyone started singing. It’s so melodic, it gets under the skin and I’ve found myself scolding at home. These are things that will devour you. He became even more orthodox miners. I give him almost everything. It would be strange if it did not draw me. “

Would you have to sell Opava’s problem?
” Certainly, he is a competitor in the fight for progress!Being aware that I would get myself a better quality elsewhere, it would be against my conviction to strengthen a team that could eventually move on to our expense. “

Who will advance to the first league?

He did not. Sure, everything can happen, injuries, and so on. I also take the fact that we do not have such a team as a competitor. But we have strengthened by far the most of all the teams that are in the table around us. Now it’s up to the players and the implementation team to make it or not. “

My question was about the existence of the club. Would it endanger any disagreement?
“I do not want to talk about this option very much, because I would be very sad about it.But the existence of Baník would not be at risk today. When I bought Banik, I also heard such opinions that it might be better to let the club fall completely down and start building it again. I thought about it, and I chose the option of falling into the second league and trying to fix it as quickly as possible. If we let it fall completely, the correction would take a long time, and it would cost us the same amount of money as we do when we play the second league. Yes, we want to return Banik immediately to the first. It is important, but not very important. From the point of view of the long history of Baník today, when it fell into the second league, it is not important whether it will remain a year, two or three. It is essential for Banik to have his future again. That’s why I think it is more important to build the club on the proper foundation.Baník has the potential. It operates in an extremely populous region, has support for fans and communal politicians. It would be a sin not to use it. “