Draw with Žilina? We are happy, Rostov will be quite different, Kadlec said

They led 1: 0, but the generals did not reach the winning end. Spartan football players drew with Zilina 1: 1, but the players were optimistic. “We can be happy with the game. Zilina has been sympathetic, but Rostov is going to be a completely different match, “said Michal Kadlec, who played the biggest portion of the Spartan players after the game.

How do you rate the last preparation match before the Rostov match? European League?
“We wanted to win and lose a goal. We’ve gotten enough players, which is not ideal for everyone when it comes to a live match. I think we can be happy with the game. Žilina gave a sympathetic performance. We were expecting them to play football, and they also confirmed us. What we know about Rostov, it will be a completely different match.They play different styles. Today we wanted to try something, but our opponent did not let us do it. That’s what the test was about to see. Sometimes it’s better to play 1: 1 in general than before in the competition. “Rostov has closed all the training sessions and preparatory matches. Do you know anything about them at all?
“That’s their thing. This does not matter. I think we followed them a lot in the past year. The video can tell you something, but everything can be different in the game. It did not affect us. “

What do you know about them?
” We know they play five defenders at the back, I guess that System 5-3-2. Another style than Žilina. That’s all I can tell you. I could not do more.For us it is important that we prepare for them now, that they have done a good result and have confirmed their progress at home. “

What do you say about the negative reactions of the boiler fans on Tiémok Konat? /> “We were counting on it. He too. At first he was just a whistle, then I heard clapping again at the second stand. I think it’s a couple of matches to tell Timmy that he is a valid player for Sparta. He made a mistake, one will do a lot in life, and everyone should get a second chance. That’s what happened and there’s no problem with us in the cabin. I would like to ask fans too. We do not have to cheer him, but not to let him down at all. “

In the game he was angry, do you think he is strong enough to keep the pressure from the fans? > “It will be seen.It’s not easy when your own fans are singing to you. It will be all about him as he does. We are trying to help our players and the implementation team. Hopefully most fans will be cheering and when they are against, let them be silent. “