For the first time in the season, Pilsen is leading the league. The bumble bee, Sparta did not succeed

Liberec was weakened in the match: he was missing several injured players and neither those who are visiting Sparta in the North of Bohemia: goalkeeper Koubek, defender Švejdik and midfielder Shala.

Even without them, however, the home match managed, even though Sparta was able to push in the first half. On the other hand, however, thanks to Delarge Liberec, he went into the lead, which he kept to the end. Coach Trpišovský could celebrate, in addition to another great triumph, that his team approached the only third point in Mladá Boleslav and three of his Sunday rivals.

He fell in the second place for the first time in the season Pilsen pushed him through.But the coach, Timothy, did not coach in a TV interview.

“Unlike the previous defeats, this time I have not much to say about the guys,” he said. “We did not change the chances, some final passes were wrong. But otherwise the match was unlocked, just missed the goal. “

Pilsen was well prepared for Mladá Boleslav and in most cases managed to keep the most dangerous player of the opponent. In addition, Baros, who was wounded and replaced by Chramosta, lost his run from the list of potential threats.

He just had the biggest Boleslav chance, but he was not able to bust Kozacka.On the other hand, Ďuriš on the other side scored exactly and the 11th goal of the season made Plzeň a very important victory.

“I am satisfied. Boleslav is a great team, it was not a simple game. In the first half we survived two goals, “said coach Pilsen Karel Krejci in a post-interview television interview. “But we helped us goalkeeper Kozáčik, then the scorer scored a goal. We got it and we have three important points. “

Karel Jarolím, coach Boleslav, was not satisfied. His team lost points and the front of the table was away, and for the first time in the season he did not score. “Unfortunately, no. We could not have thought that we would have ten chances against Plzeň.But we wanted to succeed, we need to score, “he shrugged. “We had the chances of the first half, but we did not change. And one hesitation in the defense caused us to fail. “

The last weekend game was played on Sunday evening in Teplice – and the audience had to have fun. In the rough terrain, the home first led, then lost, but eventually they managed to get out of hand. And if the Bratanovichs were not burnt, they could eventually take all the points.

But Jablonec also had several opportunities at the beginning of the game, like throwing a penalty.That’s why the final draw is quite deserved.

The long-standing critical situation of Ostrava’s footballers has worsened after the fourteenth round of the football league. They did not have a direct duel with the similar deserts threatened by the Bohemians 1905 and are hopelessly the last.

Ostrava made quite a bit of a chance in Dolek, but it was only one: a minute before the end, defender Dostal ran. It was desperately little, at that point the score was 3: 0 for the home side and the goal did not solve anything.

Baník has only four points for one win and one draw after fourteen rounds, which is scary number. If he does not recover quickly, the descendant may be deciding on a record early.The results of Ostrava remind me of Bohdaneč, Benesov and Dukla Lázně from the 1990s: the scores of these teams are the worst in the history of the competition.

“If we do not change chances, we can not think of a good result. Of course we all know how to count, but if that hope is, even if it is small, we certainly do not give up, “coach Radomír Korytář said after the match. “It will be up to Jihlava to make the match.”

Just Jihlava, who defeated Brno 2-0 on Friday, won Bohemians after winning the fourteenth place, but from Baník still scores eight points.

Another team match from the second half of the table, Olomouc and Dukla, ended without goals.While Dukla is the twelfth, Olomouc continues to balance over the places falling down the competition low.

“I do not allow the downward pressure to go until the end of the competition. We can support the performance, the cooperation with the players works and I believe that when we are more effective in the end, the points will come, “said coach Václav Jílek. All the three points from outside Slavia won 2: 0 at Slovácko. Especially in the second half, the game was under control and moved to the fifth place.

“We know exactly what Slovácko plays and we have used it,” said coach Dušan Uhrin. “We are happy because it is very difficult to win, we played against a strong opponent. Jablonec tied up, other teams are not here.We wanted three points, we have them. “

Outside, Zlín also won. In Pribram he led the goal of Koreis, then he managed to balance Tregler, but the coach Paniek in the second half was great. He sent Chorvats Jordan to the game, who was on the lawn for a minute after he decided on three points for Zlín.

“When Pribram gained the lead in the first half, we moved in, player, and it paid off, “pleased Paniek. “That’s why we ran the game again. In the end, it was just about jerking it up, which was good. “