Gáborík ended up worried. Los Angeles won his goal

NEW YORK. Slovak hockey player Marián Gáborík decided late on Monday in the overseas NHL her spectacular victory of Los Angeles on ice San Jose 3: 2 after extra time.

Tridsaťtriročný striker scored at the time 64:06, when he took over from teammate Tyler passport Toffoliho, escaped on the left wing and accurately placed shot wrist in the upper left corner broke Martina Jonesa in the goal Sharks.

Gaborik goal

“It’s a great feeling to help the lead. It’s been a while since I last scored. I had half escape, trying to hit the glove. I’m glad it went in,” he said Gáborík for nhl.com.

LA moved to the extension of the goal Vincenta Lecavaliera less than 13 seconds before the end of the regular time of play power.An experienced veteran tapped Donald Brown’s shot Energybet sports betting of a shot from Jones’s goal betting by Tanner Pearson.

“It was great, 12 seconds before the end, and Brown saw me as we move from behind the goal in front of her, playing it great, I was just at the right time at the right time,” he said.

Gáborík thus broke his shooting struggle, which lasted 10 matches, Energybet sport bet scored this year for the first time. Overall it was his ninth goal in the season. Crawford has the most null.

Scarcely, the Marien Hoss, who once helped with the triumph of Chicago over St. Louis. Thirty – seven – year – old wanderer at 45.Minute shot during the power struggle, and Andrew Shaw hit his shot and hit the final 2-0 for the home.

For Hossu it was the 17th assistance and the 25th in the current year. The main character of the duel was goalkeeper Corey Crawford, who eliminated all 25 hosts and seven times in the season kept a clean account. No other goalkeeper has as many shutouts as possible.

Blackhawks secured the first bar in the Western Conference. Blackhawks and legitimate Stanley Cup threatened by the net out: The Chicago Blackhawks put an end to a brief…https://t.co/OS9ly94j99 #NHL – NHL (@NHLLinks) January 25, 2016

Craig Anderson of Ottawa, who was 35 minutes away from the New York Rangers, also scored a clean account.Hockey players from the capital of Canada won 3: 0, their leader was Mike Hoffmann with goal and assistance. Senators score even in weakness

The third home goal was scored by Jean-Gabriel Pageau in an empty goal during the weakness. Ottawa has 10 goals in the number of goals scored in a number of draws, Pageau is the best among the players – he shot them 5th.

“Our performance was not flawless, but if we play with the necessary intensity and will, The problem is that our performances are not consistent, “said goalkeeper Anderson, who scored 32th career shutout and third season this season.

“This is NHL and no junior.We have to be ready to play at a high level still, “confirmed the 22-goal shooter Senators Mike Hoffman.

The Washington – Anaheim match was postponed for the calamity and we will name him” SnOvechkin “…all credit to Abi d @washcaps #capitals #Snowzilla pic.twitter.com/q5dTV7X89m – Michaela Balderston (@michbalderston) January 24, 2016

Goals: 40. Ryan (Cowen, Hoffman) . Pageau Carolina – Calgary 5: 2 (2: 0, 1: 1, 2: 1)

Hornsey, 52. Versteeg (Skinner, J. Staal) 52. Nordström (J. Staal, Nestrašil) 32. Hudler (Giordano, Colborne) 46. Colborne Markus Granlund Brodie < Goals: 36. Panarin (P. Kane, Rozsíval), 45. Shaw (HOSSA, T.Van Riemsdyk) Marián Hossa played 18:15, 2 assists, 1 assistant, Richard Pánik (both Chicago) played 7:37 min, 2 blocked streaks

Goals: 24. Pavel (Hertl, J. Thornton), 52. Couture (Donskoi, M. Karlsson) – 47. Doughty (Muzzin, Kopitar), 60. Lecavalier (Pearson, D. Brown), 65. Gáborík (Toffoli)

Marián Gáborík (Los Angeles) played 17:14 min, 1 shot, 1 goal

Did Energybet free online bet not play for the snowstorm, postponed later.