Hill, it’s mine, says Bajčičák

BRATISLAVA, ŠTRBSKÉ PLESO. If ski runner Martin Bajčičák had to keep the proverb Good end, all good with participation at the top of this year’s Winter Tour de Ski would have to be satisfied. In the final races of an eight-part series at the turn of the year, he reached the third fastest time in Val di Fiemme. In total, however, he finished in the 25th place.

“The final placement is not disappointing for me, even though I have higher goals,” said 31-year-old competitor ŠKP Štrbské Pleso. “Two races have ended in the first ten. I’m starting to think that when I had well-prepared skis and the same conditions on the track as my opponents, I kept my pace in the long run. I thought I could make the best result in the final run on Alpe Cermis.Hills, it’s mine. “

Bikers have taken a pattern from the Cycling Tour de France. In the last stage, Bajčičák started 32nd place, seven kilometers ahead of free rides. Fastest ones were Nemec Sommerfeldt and Rakusan Hoffmann. The only winner was the winner of the race. The Slovakian representative on Sunday attributed 30 points to the World Cup and 2000 Swiss francs.

Also the only Slovak runner Alena Prochazkova was also 25th in the Tour.

“Hat down before Allen! Although in terms of preparation it has no conditions as the world’s top, it remained in the first thirty.And he is among the elite among the elite, “he said.

Lukas Bauer became the sovereign of this year’s Tour de Ski. In previous seasons, Bajčičák managed to fight in a balanced way, but now the Czech representative has gone all the way. He won five of eight races.

“It did not hurt me to win the series. I know him as a perfect professional. Skiing gives away everything, it has an excellent service team. This season he avoided illness. I was surprised, however, by how much he had won, “said the native of Orava.

In the final bout, Bauer had a better time than Sommerfeldt for almost three minutes.The counseling on the other places was already deciding for seconds.

According to Bajcicka, the Czech beggar has benefited from the return to the New Town in Moravia after the departure of Oberstdorf after the new year. Bauer perfectly knows the local track and his serviceman Vít Fousek the snow structure. “In the race where the other riders were pushing on a narrow track, Lukáš was running lonely in the front.He made a decisive lead in the home environment, “said Bajčić.

Bauer earned more than 2.6 million Czech crowns on the Tour and, as a leader with 816 points, is the main candidate for World Cup prize.

There has been speculation from the Norwegian camp, or the winner has not used prohibited support. “I would never dare to blame anyone. I can speak for myself: I never fell after doping, “concluded Bajčičák.