Immortal Homage to Slovak Hockey: The NHL Premiere played in an elite attack!

DETROIT – Hockey striker Tomáš Jurčo became 81st Slovak native, who joined the NHL. Detroit’s debut debuted Tampa Bay with a 3-0 victory. Twenty-year-old Kosice had a demanding program ahead of Sunday’s premiere.

AHL played two matches on Friday and Saturday, and on Sunday morning he was waiting for a three-hour drive from Grand Rapids to Joe Louis Arena. The first duel in the NHL was specific to Jurca. In both teams, there were several hockey players who fought in the final of the Calder Cup in AHL in the spring.

Tomáš Jurčo was a member of the Grand Team Rapids, for which Tomas Tatar also played. On the other side of the barricade, in both cases Richard Pánik.In total, there were 15 hockey players on Detroit and Tampa on Sunday in the Calder Cup 2013 final. Grand Rapids beat Syracuse in the six-time series.

Twenty-year-old Kosicean joined the elite Red Wings attack with Paul Daciuch and Daniel Alfredsson. For two world hockey personalities he has gained some experience.

The first nominee in the NHL will be remembered for a wider nomination for the Sochi Winter Olympics. “It was an unforgettable experience for me, and I know what I can expect in the future, and what I can do to improve it.” The fight showed me where I was right now, just the fact that I got into the first team gave me Hockey is very fast in AHL, but in the NHL it is also a thinking and positioning game.” was added by Tomáš Jurčo.

At the premiere, the former Slovak youth representative played 16:45, trying to be creative and once threatened Mike Babcock’s coach was very fond of the game.

The Red Wings team has just gotten into the first team with Justin Abdelkader, and Grand Rapids is the most productive player this season, and the Detroit Adaptation made it easier for both teams play a similar style.