Klocova Slovak record in Dubnica, one hundred just above 10

DUBNICA – The first hammer of the jubilee 10th Atletic Bridge was the Hungarian hammer Krisztián Pars at the April stadium. London’s Olympic winner reached 79.84 in the third series and immediately set the stage for the full expectation.At the Zdeněk Hrbáček Memorial, the participation of six Olympic winners, skilful athletes from 25 countries of five continents, was announced.

Almost 70 fought in London in August they are not a big form.

> In the female hammer Martina Hrašnová, compared to the Olympics in London, she was down 70 m, but the strength of 71.82 was only 4.the place. In the absence of the Polish Wlodarczyk, the world record holder Nemka Heidler was ruled with 75,18 and with six attempts over 72 m (72,05 – 72,42 – 75,18 – 74,51 – 74,82 – 73,39), gold in London Olympics London Lysenkova was ‘only’ third with 74.76. Martina Hrašnová did not fall too much. “I have been hard to seek motivation since the Olympics, the fourth place is excellent in this competition, but I have not been able to say any satisfaction for the Olympics.”

The first improvement in the record of the meeting took place in Kenya, Lidia Chepkurui, at 9: 30,82. And the performance of her countryman Edwin Melly, the biggest favorite, improved the April record in the run to 800 m to 1: 45.80. Jozef Repčík took advantage of the eighth value of 4.place with 1: 47.86. “I got into the race to get used to the race, before I was mostly busy with Dubnica, but I was badly trapped, kept behind, unable to overtake. I’m glad it did. ”

In the non-traditional 1,000-meter event, the scenario for the Slovak medium-class shooter Luciano Klocova was also successful. She finished third, but it was significant that she was attacked by the Slovak record, which had been held by Jozefina Cerchlanova since 1977 (2: 43.45). Klocová, 8.at a 1500 m Olympics in London, she beat 2: 38.72 and pleased April’s audience in the best way.

Lucia Klocova has been muddled for muscle problems. “Immediately after I started to pull my back thigh muscle, in the first round I was just looking for a rhythm and forward was not enough.In the finish line my rifles closed, I had to push, I was pushing my strength. I do not think I’m a fan of the third place. ”

Czech Republic Jan Kudlica was able to improve the record of the meeting by 1 cm to 567 cm before the rain, no longer jumped, 574 cm did not use Kudlicka and Lewis all attempts, the wet surface very dangerous.The most disappointed was Cuban Borges, who did not jump his base 535 cm.

The rain had problems in other disicplanes. In the shortest possible sprint, Jones-Ferrette was able to win in the counter -1.0 m / s 11.29. Bronze at OH in London, Russia She was the only one in the jump to a height of 197 cm and made a record of the meeting, 200 centimeters was already on a wet track over her strength. In the ball of a double Olympic winner, fresh from London, Poje Majewski with ease with 20.98 counseled the fifth in the London final by Canadian Armstrong with 20.33. Throwers were employed and dispersed by constant drying of the circle and sweeping the rainwater.The Polish rich had the least of the rain, which was confirmed by the balanced series 20,98 – 20,92 – x – 20,88 – 20,82 – 20,68.

In the run for 1000 meters, the organizers wanted bronze at OH in London’s Kenyan Timothy Kituma World Junior Record (2: 15.00).At one of the summits, the mission of 17-year-old Kitum was not fulfilled, even in the finishing even with two opponents, so for Kenan Rotich was at least a new record of meeting 2: 17,08.

At the 3000 m he has extended the eighth step to OH in London to fifty-five Matej Tóth, and he has also moved the record of muting to a higher quality 11: 05,95.

Matej Tóth fought for Slovak athletics only a victory, but in the discipline that brought with him the attribute ‘national’. “I wanted to overcome my record and I was glad I did it.” I went comfortably, it was essential that I kept up with Tony Kuchmin and Sudol, and finally relied on a good start. ”

Above the high hurdles the silver shines at OH in London American Dawn Harper.Although the record-breaking time of 12.68 (annoyance -0.4) did not break, in the adverse weather clearly dominated and she was one of the athletes who took care of the good sound spreading out of the April Arena of the City.

In the spear throw, he confirmed the role of favorite of Czech Veselý, but only in his fourth attempt, as the only one to throw 80 meters at 80.47.

The final point was taken by the sprinters for 100 ms with the intention of humiliating for the first time in Slovak territory 10-second barrier. With a remarkable turnout, when up to four of this season’s slumps of less than 10 seconds, favored Jamaica Frater and Carter, who took care of gold in the world record in Olympic London.Magic 10 seconds remained unspoken, but only 0.01 seconds when Nesta Carter hit a 10.01 mile meeting.

100 m: 1. Nesta Carter 10,01, 2. Michael Frater (both Jam.) 10,12, 3. Dwain Chambers (V. Brit.) 10,12
800 m (Memorial of I. Soviša): 1. Edwin Melly 1:45, 80, 2. Nicholas Koech 1: 46.82, 3. Timothy Sein (all Kenya) 1: 47.54, 4. Jozef Repčík 1: 47.86,…7. Jozef Pelikán (both SR) 1: 48.93
1000 m: 1. Abraham Rotich (Kenya) 2: 17.08, 2. Jeff Riseley (Austr.) 2: 17.53, 3. Timothy Kitum ) 2: 17,96
Triple Jump: 1. Aliaksej Ciapik (Biel.) 16,58, 2. Dmytro Tyden (Ukr.) 15,73, 3. Adedoyin Wheels (V. Brit.) 15,60
jr: 1. jan Kudlička (Czech Republic) 567, 2. Maksym Mazuryk (Poland) 560, 3. Steven Lewis (V. Brit.) 550,…6. Tomáš Krajňák (SR) 475
balls: 1.Tomasz Majewski (Poland) 20.98, 2. Dylan Armstrong 20.33, 3. Justin Rodhe (both Kan.) 19.58
hammer: 1. Krisztián Pars (Hungary) 79.84, 2. Lukáš Melich (Czech Republic) 78,00, 3. Pawel Fajdek (Poland) 77,53
oštep: 1. Vítězslav Veselý (Czech Republic) 80,47, 2. Genki Dean (Jap.) 77,76, 3. Petr Frydrych (Czech Republic) 73,20,…5. Patrik Ženúch (SR) 71,37
3000 m walking: 1. Matej Tóth 11: 05,95, 2. Anton Kučmín (both SR) 11: 15,32, 3. Grzegorz Sudol (Poland) 11:21 , 90, 4. Dušan Majdan (SR) 11: 47,97

WOMEN 100 m: 1. Laver Jones-Ferrette , 2. Jereva Tarmohová (USA) 11.32, 3. Sheri-Ann Brooks (Jam.) 11.32-1000 m: 1. Brenda Martinez (USA) 2: 38.48, 2. Maryna Arzamasavova .) 2: 38.48, 3. Lucia Klocova (SR) 2: 38.72
100 m: 1. Dawn Harper (USA) 12.68, 2.Queen Harrison (both US) 12.81, 3. Prisci Lopes-Schliep (Canada) 12.94
3000 m: 1. Lidya Chepkurui 9: 30.82, 2. Fancy Cherotich (both Kenya) 9 : 35,03, 3. Svitlana Šmidtová (Ukr.) 9: 37,90 – height: 1. Svetlana Školinová (Rus.) 197, 2. Olena Chološná (Ukr.) 189, 3. Ana Šimičová (Chorv. ) 180,…6. Iveta Moreno (Cuba) 74.86, 3. Tatyana Lysenkova (RUS) 74.76, 4. Martina Hrašnová (SR) 170
hammer: 1. Betty Heidler (DE) (SR) 71.82