Kozák does not want to Spaniards or Croatians

BRATISLAVA. Slovak Football Player Coach Ján Kozák said in a further interview for the SFZ website that he does not want Spanish or Croats in the group for the next ME in France.

The man under the leadership of whom the Slovaks first fought from the qualification to the final EURO tournament also dealt with several other topics. With time off, he has once again evaluated the team’s captain Martin Škrtel’s team at the European Championship, appreciating the progress of the Fortuna League and getting closer to Christmas holidays. It was not only the match with Belarus

The head of sports personality betting the Slovak bench was pleased that his team in the struggle for France could not betting site offers manage only a match with Belarus and gave constant performances.

“Boys deserve respect as they have mastered their qualifications.During their two-year performance, they had minimal fluctuations in performance, in each match they went to the finish and did the maximum work.

We did not score a match with Belarus, but when I looked at him several times, we only made a few mistakes, we got a quick goal, we squandered and we wanted to solve the situation quickly, “Kozak said in a video interview at futbalsfz.sk. >

“We wanted to move our own fans and did not get things right, the pressure was rising with increasing time and there was a lot of inaccuracies. That’s why the result was the way it was. But it also happens to much larger teams.”

In the top Slovak competition, former basketball coach is enjoying the progressive improvement of the stadiums and the fact that the young players are given the chance. P>

“Our league is young and there are many foreign players in it. The good thing about it is that the stadiums are getting better. Whether in the smaller towns or in Trnava we have a stadium and a decent stadium we have in Zilina. But also in Myjava or Senica and Podbrezova and Michalovce. I believe that even in Bratislava one will grow and people will go to football more. The league is good for representations until 21, 19 or 18 because many young boys get the opportunity. And thus gain self-confidence and experience.However, it is necessary to have more older and more experienced players, so that our teams are more serious in European cups. “

The participant of the ME 1980 and MS 1982 also explained why he does not like to take up the qualifying or final Tournament: “Nerád lietam. And I have a colleague with whom we have already agreed that these things will end him. I think it’s okay. “The ME wants to beat the progress of the group

The extraordinary expected EURO 2016 is on the program already on Saturday 12 December in Paris.

honestly. When you have to choose from the first basket, there are only awfully strong teams. I do not want to play with the Spaniards who do not like us. I would not want to play either from the second Chorus basket.This is a terribly powerful team, “he said.

” But there is no one to choose. Well we have to look at our team. And we have a team, although seven months into the ME is a long time, which, when players are healthy and will play in clubs, has the strength. We will go there with the desire to beat the good results and progress from the group. So I’m pushing the players. I’m reminded by the procedure that only a team that achieves good results is competing with people. “

” And that’s why we’re going to do it and make the maximum. France is a beautiful landscape full of beautiful stadiums. It’s football. I think the fans we have enjoyed will come with us to France.We are going to fight for good results and they are going to enjoy good football. “He pleads for the world to be uplifted

Christmas is spent by the former best football player of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic 1981 and the bronze of the European Championship in Italy (1980) Family.

“When our parents lived, we had the whole family together at Spiš. Now I’m taking over the relay, the daughter and my son will come with the family and it is so that when we are all together, I am very happy. “

At the end of the conversation, only the feasting of the people in Slovakia followed. Soccer players.

“First and foremost, I want them to be health and peace, so that the situation in the world is calmed down. To enjoy the trifles and enjoy each other. And I also want football players to enjoy health.And to play regularly in their clubs to look forward to every match, to be in good health and in good sports as well as in performance. To get something to the championship even when we won it. This is about to be slaughtered. “

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