MG Rogge President: It was a happy and amazing Olympic game

LONDON – President of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge, has characterized XXX Games. The Olympics in London, which culminated in the final ceremony, were both amazing and amazing.

The whole world has been waiting for the Olympic Games to play in one sentence.Jacques Rogge pronounced it before 80,000 viewers at the London Olympic Stadium.

You have borrowed the verse from the British State Anthem, God Save The Queen: “Send her victorious, Happy and glorious”. “

The Belgian head of the IOC praised the work of the organizing committee and thousands of volunteers who took part in the event’s flawless event. He also thanked the audience and the public for attending the stadiums and creating the atmosphere.Rogge did not even forget the athletes who, in his words, deserve the world’s respect for their enthusiasm for adherence to fair play ideas, for respect for opponents.

“Many youngsters have inspired sporting “ was added by Rogge, who had a traditional formula shortly before midnight official XXX Games. Olympics ended. He then invited the whole world for a four-year trip to Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro, where XXXI Games will take place. olympiads.

“They were games for athletes, the Olympic Village was fantastic, it worked in the sports fields, and the audience was great.London has refreshed the Olympic Movement, “ added a Belgian official who has been in office since 2001.

The third Olympic Games in London after 1908 and 1948 fell 44 world and 117 Olympic records “It is also good for the home-based British who have done their best to finish among the top three countries in the medal ranking. ” It will be a challenge for the British to stay on that wave. Rogge was the president of the IOC for the last time in the Olympic Games, and he will end his election next year, and he will not stand the ball again next year.

Four years ago, in Beijing, the Olympic Games marked “really exceptional in their address, before eight in Athens he talked about ” games of an unforgettable dream <

His predecessor, Juan Antonio Samaranch, as the president of the IOC, described almost every game as the best in history, except in 1996 in Atlanta when he called them “the most extraordinary” which earned criticism from the American city.

The Australians are also convinced of London that it was them who in 2000 had been the best organizers of the giant sporting event of the planet in history.For example, this is thought by John Carr, the country’s foreign minister. The head of diplomacy has rejected allegations that the primate now belongs to the British. “I’m sure Sydney will not come up with the best of the best games”, Carr said.

, which was at the time of OH 2000 for New South Wales.

According to British Prime Minister David Cameron London overcame Sydney. The Australian media mostly agree that the British metropolis was at least approaching Sydney.

“London, did a great job. know-how and joke.We are sorry, Sydney, but London can make a personal record of the Olympic Games, “ wrote the Sydney Morning Herald.


Atlanta 1996 “Most Exclusive Olympic Games.”

Sydney 2000
“I am proud and happy to say that you have brought the world’s best Olympic Games of all time.”

Athens 2004
“You’ve been playing games of an unforgettable dream.” (Jacques Rogge)

Beijing 2008
It was an exceptional Olympic game. “
(Jacques Rogge)

London 2012
” It was a happy and awesome Olympic game. > (Jacques Rogg e)