Nymburk in the Champions League ends. The procedure escaped him a single point

Basketball players Nymburk did not take a chance and in the Champions League finished in the playoff front. In a home defeat, against Sassari, they scrawled 22 points from the first duel in Italy and led by 31 points, but in dramatic ending the opportunity was shed. Winning 84:63 was not enough for a point. The former Euroleague team has decided to advance to the eight-finals by five seconds before the end of the Nymburk mistake.

“Before the game, perhaps few people believed we could delete the loss, and before the end of the match few people believed We can lose the momentum, it shows the cruelty of the sport I’m in shock.”Nymburk has attempted to take the lead to 13: 5, but Sassari did not panic and did not allow the start of the game. Nymburk reached just before the half-time.

However, the Czech Cup winner was not successful in the long run, so despite the good performance of Diamon Simpson, who was in the jersey in Nymburk before At the end of the contract they went to the second part, with 13 points more than guests.

Eugene Lawrence entered Eugene Lawrence well and provided Nymburk with a seventeen-point lead, which was already a great deal of hope.But Sassari immediately responded by taking time out and reducing to 12 points.

Nymburk did not give up. He added in defense and speeded up the attack. He went into the fast missiles that came out of him, and by the end of the third quarter he gained the necessary lead of 23 points, which would be a step.

It seemed that the homeman would not let his chance. They fled to 31 points and had the game under control. However, four minutes before the end, Captain Welsch and Sassari took advantage of it.

Domestic players began to confuse and allowed their opponents to return to the game.

“In addition to Jirka Welsch, we missed Lawrence, who was wounded, and there was a problem with the table that got us out of the rhythm. Teams do not make the mistakes we made at the end.You pay for it, “Ronen Ginzburg regretted.

Still, they had Nymbursk ending in their hands, but at the decisive moment they missed the kick, threw the ball into the car and after the foul decided Sassari from the penalty throw. -Roos did not turn the final missile.

“We were very close to a really big result in Europe. We played one of the best matches in the history of the club, we won 21 points above the leading Italian club, but we are leaving as a defeat, “Ginzburg was sorry.” But I’m really proud of my team, As a cliché. We showed great character and lead by 30 points over Sassari, which belongs to the elite teams of Italy, deserves respect.We will all remember this game, it’s a great experience, “added the coach.

” It’s the saddest win I have ever experienced. We were all convinced that we were going for the procedure. Now you do not want to believe that it did not work. We won 21 points, but we are leaving with a sore heart, “said Simpson, who ended in Nymburk because of his family’s death, with 18 points and 12 rebounds.

Nymburk – Dinamo Sassari 84: 63 (17:11, 35:25, 65:42)
Most points: Allen and Simpson after 18, Lawrence 16, Sant-Roos 14 – Lacey 17, Savanovic 14, Lawal 9. Faults: 22:24 Crime: 27/17 – 15/10 Trojky: 7: 7. > 39:30. First match 72:94, Sassari stepped in.