Portland and Milwaukee delayed the threat of retirement from the NBA play-off

A peaceful state of 2: 2 is in the series between Brooklyn and Atlanta. The fourth duel was won by the Brooklyn Nets.

Milwaukee was able to win the second time in a row. Bulls in the first part showed the line 21: 4, but for most of the game, the slight lead of Bucks. Jason Kidd’s confidants eventually defended their fortunes and prolonged their season until at least Thursday when Milwaukee hosted the sixth sequel.

The second win in the Bucks series was led by Michael Carter-Williams, who scored 22 points, nine assists, and eight Rebounds. He did not stop even a sprained ankle in the third quarter. Khris Middleton added 21 points. Chicago led with 25 points and 10 rebounds Pau Gasol. Jimmy Butler got 20 points but turned only five out of 21 attempts.Derrick Rose (5/20), who scored 13 points and six losses, was also miserly shot.

Memphis led 10 points in the last quarter of the Portland course and was close to the first sweep (win 4: 0 In series) in club history. However, the home team managed to turn the net thanks to the strong nerves on the penalty throw line. Winning Trail Blazers steered Damian Lillard with 32 points and seven assists. LaMarcus Aldridge and C. J. McCollum added 18 points.

Grizzlies missed Mike Conley, who had to face the injury after a face injury in the third game. Marc Gasol scored 21 points for Mamphis, Courtney Lee two less.

Deron Williams shot down Brooklyn’s jersey.In the previous three matches this year’s play off put together 18 points, on Monday 35, out of which 16 points in the last quarter. It has helped to get Atlanta’s lead and in the lead they have already had home.

“We know what he is capable of. He played three not very good matches, but he was a difference player today, “said Atlanty Al Horford’s Williams pivot. The Hawks had a big chance to offset their offensive rebounds, but one of NBA’s top three runners Kyle Korver failed three times in a row.