The Boleslav fans fired from Poletin: They did not understand me at all

Before the start of the playoff playoff he wished Skater to be an opponent. Chomutov’s striker Michal Poletín was relieved to find that he did not have to play against Pilsen. “Uff, we’re glad to play against Bolce,” he sighed at the club’s web site, but after two home fights 1: 7 and 1: 6, his fans enjoyed his teenagers who made a choreo during the third series of the series. Although he did not notice, but in return he played a goal for home loss of 1: 5.

Did you think it would be fun against Mladá Boleslav? A boiler at Michal Poletín during the third match before the play off. A former Slavie of Prague did not register him.But when he found he was a fan of fun, he was right out of trouble.

“They did not understand me. That’s what I did not mean. I did not want to play against Pilsen. I certainly did not say before the play off that Boleslav will pass the 3: 0 matches and will be painted. That’s all. It was clear to me that they would be a heavy opponent, “he explained the point he made before the start of the elimination. At that point, it certainly would not have occurred to him that he and his team will go to the opponent’s led with a goal balance of 2:13 and especially on the brink of being eliminated.

The shooter of nineteen goals of the already played base did not hide criticism. “We had to sit down and say that we played really horrible.That is why we have changed the system that has helped us to win. It’s play off. Boleslav must win three matches. They still did not. We will continue to make the match and extend the series to Chomutov, “he said after a successful 5-1 win.

Still not going to end. He wants to make a team impression and to please fans of the Pirates by making the Chomutov series in Mlada Boleslav and deciding on a quarterfinals in front of the home audience. “We were not afraid that we would have a similar ride in Mladá Boleslav at home. True, we absolutely did not. However, I would not even deal with our short circuits and drive on. We agreed on it in the cabin, “Poletín admitted.

The way to the quarterfinals can be seen in the defense game.Thanks to it, the Chomutov hockey players succeeded in deflecting the attack of the Central Bohemians, who was able to put them on the home ice before. “We helped them well in the back. They did not get into the breakeum and renumbering that they were not slow at us. We’ve proved that if we go, we can win. And we want, “says the 25-year-old forvard.

Home: 36:38. Orsava

Guests: 09:40. Vondrka, 14:17. Skokan, 15:04. Vondrka, 39:23. Polettin, 46:01.Huml


Domestic: Maxwell (Halász) – Stříteský, Štich, Kurka, Hanzlík , Lenc – Orsava, Klepis, Žejdl – Látal, Urban, Pacovsky – Pabiška (A), Vampola (A), Pospíšil.

Guests: Laco – Rutta, L. Chalupa, Flemming, Dlapa, Valach, Mrázek, Skinner – Skokan, Huml (A), Tomica (A) – Vondrka (C), V. Růžička, Sklenář – Kaše, Kämpf,