The Czech team leaves the defender Mozík. Hockey players regenerate and enjoy leisure

Players went to Prague’s O 2 arena after breakfast, but did not dress and did not Energybet sports betting online find skates. The trainers canceled Tuesday’s training due to the difficult entry into the championship.

However, the background of the modern hall was used by the Czechs. Someone was riding a bicycle, some hockey players played football, there was a swimming pool, a sauna, a massage…

“All the boys are here, we have a common lunch.We wanted them not to get out in the morning, it was not good, “commented Ondřej Weissmann, the coach of the event.

The journalist also informed that the Czech team ended up in Pilsen Beck, Mozík. “We said that if we were to write one defender and one striker or two attackers,” Weissmann explained.

Both defenders Michal Kempny and strikers Michal Vondrka and Lukáš Radil are waiting for two vacancies in the field. “It seemed unnecessary for Vojta here to hold the ninth stick. We thank him for a good job, he has access to the hotel and hockey to feel part of the collective.Unfortunately, we do not have more places. “

The Czech list is free even in case of injury, the variant with possible NHL reinforcements is not very likely.

day. In the care of physicians and physiotherapist Pavel Kolář will be mainly the striker Jakub Klepiš who did not play against Canada. “Let’s see if it gets better. After the morning (apparently the shoulder) he’s busy, “Coach Weissmann said.

Hockey players on a day off can also visit families, friends and acquaintances to go together for a coffee.In the evening, representatives must report back to the hotel.

Off not to solve…

The coaches do the maximum so the hockey players are at ease

But so simple it will not be. The implementation team is still engaged in the first three matches of the Czech team. “We have to break it down, prepare a video, scare us how many goals we get in weakening. We have a problem in defense.

In the afternoon, a little office Slow your, but I think the government (coach Ruzicka) it will not last long, “said Weissman, how will” the afternoon calm “spend the Czech trainers.

In addition, the hockey players can hardly escape the hockey spring, which is in The Czech Republic is just in the mood.When they go to Prague streets, people will know them, ask for a signature. Or just support them.

“The home championship is something different. Outside, there is still more peace. Here’s a chase. I can imagine how the boys are poisoning the acquaintances, asking for tickets, and so on. “We are going to take a look at Jagger, Voráček, Pavelce and other stars, and everyone in the Czech team is trying to Energybet online bets concentrate on hockey and try to make fans Joy of medals.

“We do our best to keep the players at ease,” Assistant Weissmann assured.

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