The printout blocked, hit and scored. We still believed it was going to turn

Seven blocked missiles, five sharp hits and a 2: 2 equalizer goal. Such a balance in the second game of Generali play off against Plzeň was scored by Vítkovický defender Jan Vytisk. He finished off with a blue strike at 52 minutes and sent the duel to an extension that Patrik Zdráhal decided after 9 seconds. Vítkovice lead in a 2: 0 series and are one victory from the quarterfinals. “I still take it like 0: 0, it still needs to win the third game,” he said after the duel of the Print.

How did you experience the turn from 0: 2 to 3: 2? “It was the opposite of the first match. Pilsen scored goals and we lost. Five to five had more chances, mainly in the second third, but we did not even use the power play.By the third we said we’d do everything. That it’s playable and we can turn it around. “

. The judges did so, unfortunately. We will not do anything about it. If it was a foul, it helped us but I did not see it myself, I can not judge it. “

Again, you were tired of the power plays, why do not you? > “If we knew what to change, to finally give them goals, we will change it…It does not. We turned it differently. For us it is a wonderful victory.From two zero to 3: 2, that’s a bitch. “

You hit the blue, you do not go to the power games – do you miss your shot from blue? He smiles) “I was twice in the power play and twice we got a goal. I do not have a good balance in them, maybe we will not try. I believe it will turn and it will fall there. We did it differently. “

” I do not want to shout, All season. Although we have scored a goal, but they have really great games (Plzeňští used one). We can manage to keep them. I am lucky, but also with diligence that we have started to play what we have. “

You lead two zero and you go to Pilsen.This season you have won once after eight years of waiting and coach Jakub Petr has exaggerated that Vítkovice has been winning once every hundred years. What do you guys do about it?
“We’ll win this second time. Hopefully. “

Can you be more relaxed at the 2: 0 level?
” I would not say if we were to be more relaxed, Turns. We still have to. “

Home: 49:17. E. Nemec, 51:58. Print, 60:09.

Guests: Koreis, 35:13. Lost


Domestic: Bartošák (Dolejš) – Sloboda (A), Hrbas, Baranka, Klok, L. Kovář – P. Zdráhal, O. Roman, Olesz (C) – Vandas, Kolouch, Kucsera – E. Němec, Stastny, D.

Guests: Machovsky (Hylak) – P. Kadlec (A), D. Sklenička, Nemeccek, Creshnak, Moravcik, Pulpan A), Kvasnička – Martin Procházka, Kratěna (C), D. Kubalík – Indrak, Preisinger, Stach – T. Svoboda, Kracík, Lev – Schleiss, Koreis, Hrnka. / Div>