The Secret Trump of Dragons? A firefighter who has cracked Italian hopes

From the prestigious European Cup in Rotterdam, nineteen Czech champions have brought historic success. “Otherwise than I can not positively evaluate,” the coach of Brno, Arnošt Nesnal, is the second in the group. “But as long as we are not the first, we can never be completely satisfied,” adds Schneider 29 years old.

Dragons last week in the six-member group ended just below the top, in the weekend final against home Neptunus lost 2: 8. The Dutch won the match for the European triumph with the winner of the “French” group. Still, the homeless baseball rulers of Brno can boast: We are among the four best teams in Europe!

“We did a good promotion for both Czechia and Dragons,” she says.Who would have been waiting for these words after the start of the tournament, when Dragons did not manage the opening two games? “That’s why we have believed the least in the last four years,” admits Schneider.

“But even in the extralize we rotate the matches regularly. That’s our Dragon Power – we’ll never give up anything. We said: We cough about what it was. “

The dragons really admired themselves. They defeated the Ukrainian Jelizavetgrad 11: 6, then stood in the way favorite of the tournament – Italian Rimini. “Their best player takes five thousand euros, ours is a fireman,” said Coach and Dragon Manager. “

The best way was Schneider.While his job in civilian work is to eliminate the flames, he has destroyed the Italian final hopes last week from the pitcher hill.

“But all winter, I did not hit the hill when I climbed at an important moment,” explains the Universal universe, Shoulder problems. “Next time he’ll be throwing up in the play-off extralies.But against the Italians, the whole game was excellent, “said Nesnen.” And because the Brňans eventually matured to the German Heidenheim next day and recorded the match of the results, the ambitious Italians climbed the tournament only from the stands.

Although the Dragons did not finish a glorious week with a winning dot, they flew to Brno with utmost satisfaction. “The boys have seen that when they focus only on baseball, their performances have dramatically improved,” says the coach. “

” Perhaps I can still experience half-professional conditions, “adds Schneider, Who returned to the exhibition center on his return. In addition to sports, he is still waiting for work. “I can only ride the exits for a short time, but I found out that baseball was well prepared for me.I’m not nervous and I can keep my head cold. “