To train Slovan is a big challenge, says Říha

BRATISLAVA. Czech ice hockey coach Milos Říh surprised and very pleased last weekend offer to lead Slovan Bratislava in the Continental Hockey League (KHL). He did not think about returning to the Bratislava team after a ten-year break.

“I immediately said that I was taking it. It’s a big challenge to train Slovan again,” said a 56-year-old native of Přerov.

“I had a few days out of the house and I did not count too much because there was information in the media that the coaching job in Slovan is busy but we have been in contact with the leadership for the last season After all, as we all know, there have been enough questionnaires in the last few months of 2015/2016, the club had several variants in terms of league and coaches.On Thursday during the day, General Manager Maroš Krajči and Sport Director Oldřich Štefl told me about KHL team training, “he continued.” Slovan has already led

According to Milos Říh, the fact that in the past in Slovan Has worked well and has memorable memories for the two seasons.

“There was a great team in both seasons, and great people worked around it. The leadership gave the coaching team a free hand, well understood and cooperated. The atmosphere in the team and around it was fantastic, we had a great audience ahead of us.Despite the fact that we were not the biggest favorite in the two seasons, we managed to do it, “said the Czech coach who led the Slovan in the 2001/2002 and 2004/2005 season. Preparing for a new edition this week, the introduction of the Říh will not be very hectic.

“The next few days will start, we want to prepare everything on the organizational side. The training process as well as the gradual formation of the cadre before the start of the season. From next week everything should be set up and running at a hundred percent. From Tuesdays to Thursdays, we want to train on ice in two phases, on Friday there will be only one training and excursion.From next week we will be on the ice in the town of Lamač twice every day. First we have to lay down a team and tactics will be developed. All those who know me know that at home we want to play active and offensive. So, not only to win, but also to please the spectator’s eyes, “added Miloš Říha, adding that he does not want to talk about the goals for the team before the new season, he adds.

The Czech coach realizes that he remains in the competition Little time.

“It will be very fast and hectic now, but we do not want to hurt anything. We can not do anything in a week. Today it started quickly until we had to say that we were slowing a bit.This concerns the preparation of the training process and the arrival of the reinforcement. I have to do this, though quickly, but with my head. We have a few weeks ahead of us, which is a boundary term. We should have been on ice today, but I refused it because we will not train with six players. I do not want to chase at all costs. We will prepare everything and we will go fully from next week. Maybe somewhere we go to focus and we train in three phases, then we go to Maribor for a miniclip. “

” This is not the case here, we will make it. I will not say specific names yet, but we have already said something about it. We have a view of the three vacancies in the team, we will add it. We are looking for suitable types and it does not matter if it is Slovak, Czech, American or Canadian. But we want them to be Slovaks.We do not want it to be the same as in the last season. In particular, however, players need to, we can not repay them with high wages. We will be happy to find Slovak hockey players who will want to play here. “

As far as the Slovan is concerned, the unpaid debts of the players were often discussed in previous months.

. I do not even know what debt is going on. I will definitely appeal to the club’s leadership to make a line and start from the beginning. Let the team stay in peace and can only deal with what to do, “added Říh.