Vettel has a clear triumph: We have a strong car as well as a Mercedes!

The German racer clearly beating both drivers before so sovereign Mercedes to win fifth world title, however, does not think. Today’s Australian Grand Prix but, according to him showed that the Italian stable is as strong as the competition.

Ferrari have long plagued a last rejoiced in victory in the Grand Prix in September 2015 in Singapore. Also, if Vettel triumphed, today at Albert Park in Melbourne defeated Briton Lewis Hamilton by ten seconds. The third rider finished second Mercedes Finn Valtteri Bottas.

“It was a long wait. Now we are in seventh heaven, but we have to stay down to earth, “he told reporters racer. “It’s still only March.Yes, we had a great race and a lot of relief to all of us. But we must not let up, this is just the beginning. I would like Lewis fighting for the world title and how it looks, so we have nearly as strong a car, “he said.

Mercedes last season won 19 of 21 races, twice he was able to overcome only by Red Bull. In Australia it seemed that he reaches for another triumph, as Hamilton dominated Friday practice and Saturday’s qualifying. Due to changes in the rules of addition in record times.

“I have not had the best start, but then I showed it to us must count. The car is compared to the past acts quite differently. As if shouting: More, more, more!I like him could go on indefinitely, “said Vettel, who on 43rd career victory helped a well-timed pit stop.

The first to change tires courage Hamilton, who returned to the track but in fifth place behind Max Verstappen. Dutch pilot of Red Bull but, despite the higher rate could overtake so when Vettel headed to the pits, he returned to the circuit before a British rival and lead retained.

“After the start I thought: Damn, Lewis leads, it will hard to keep him. But we were lucky that it went out of the pits behind Max and it slowed him.I, on the contrary it could make it before him, and I could just focus on that, to get back into rhythm and kept the lead, “said the world champion from 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.